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Why is health & wellness important to practice in the workplace?

Health and wellness is important to practice in general, although establishing a corporate wellness program
and practicing it in the workplace is important for any company. Incorporating our Fitmotive corporate health and wellness program can bring substantial benefits to both the employees and the company

Employer benefits to implementing our wellness program into the workplace.

  • Improved recruitment, increased retention,
    and reduced employee turnover. A good corporate wellness program can help companies achieve key Human Resources goals. Employees see great value in having a corporate wellness program in place.

  • Reduce absenteeism rates. Companies that offer wellness programs fitness, nutrition and wellness plans and activities, tend to experience less absenteeism since their employees are healthier and working under less pressure.

  • Enhance corporate image. A corporate wellness program can show that the company cares about its employees and takes extra effort to ensure a good working environment for their staff.

  • Teamwork among co-workers and increasing productivity as a result.


Employee benefits of our 
corporate wellness program.

  • Boost employee morale and productivity. Corporate wellness programs can make employees feel appreciated and valued, and they will be much more enthusiastic and confident at work. In addition, the healthy habits built will then increase work productivity and benefit both the employees and the company as a whole.

  • Increase awareness of health risks. Having a corporate wellness program with healthy eating, fitness plans and wellness workshops, can help employees understand the importance of health and wellness. Workshops and fitness plans can also help employees adopt healthy lifestyle behaviours.

  • Reduce the risk of disease. Corporate wellness programs can reduce absenteeism rates within companies, and they help do this by reducing an employee’s risk of disease or sickness. By incorporating health and fitness plans, wellness seminars, and other corporate wellness activities, employees become prepared to choose healthier lifestyle choices which in turn will reduce their risk of disease or sickness.

  • Build relationships among employees. Creating a healthy environment in the workplace can influence workers to set similar goals and build challenges with one another to better themselves. This facilitates networking and bonding and will help build teamwork among co-workers and increase work productivity
    as a result.


What's Included?

  • Men’s and Women’s training plans. All plans will be adjusted on a monthly basis to provide new exercises and workouts.

  • Men’s and Women’s monthly nutrition plans. All plans will be adjusted on a monthly basis to provide new healthy recipes to follow throughout the day, week and month.

  • Stretching Plan and Guide.

  • Daily Practices Guide - to build strong habits to improve life.

  • Supplement and Vitamin Guide.

  • 100% free access to all our LIVE online wellness workshops and classes, with the option to create private workshops and classes for your company/team.

  • Team access to our email for all questions regarding your companies wellness

How much does the Fitmotive corporate wellness program cost?

The cost of our corporate health & wellness program depends on your company size and/or employee count with a minimum 8 month commitment. If any individual of your team decides they’d like to move forward or switch to one-on-one coaching, then the individual  will receive a 14% discount per month as a part of the partnership, with proof of employment for your company.  Send us  a message today for a quote and  to introduce wellness into your companies work environment. 



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