Personalized Fitness & Nutrition plans

Each plan is carefully designed by your coach to help you meet & achieve the goals you've set out for yourself.  Every 4-5 week your plans will be thoroughly revised based off your progress and feedback provided to your coach.




Weekly Check-Ins | Every Sunday

Your weekly check-ins are the perfect opportunity for you to take a few minutes ever Sunday to reflect over the last week and update your coach with how your week has been.  Weekly check-ins will give your coach a good insight of how things are going, where you're at and how he/she can help you further.




Face to Face Meetings

Monthly assessments are your opportunity to meet with your coach, face to face, either in-person or online, initially & monthly.  You and your coach will discuss & go over your strength & weaknesses, short term goals moving forward & your overall progress.


Here When

You Need

Unlimited Communication & Support

Communication is one of the biggest factors in any success & you can trust that your Fitmotive coach will be there to help you every step of the way.  Whether you have questions, if you're unsure of something or you're struggling and having a tough day, you can rely on your coach to help you through it.


Your Healthiest


Train Fitmotive Pricing

We believe health is your #1 best investment in life and we strive to deliver on making that investment as great as possible with a competitive rate.  Message us to get started! 

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