Yoga & Mindset Coaching

Physical, Mental, Social & Spiritual Development

Our Mission

Our Yoga & Mindset coaching has come alive to help  you in fostering harmony in the body, mind, soul & environment.  

Our mission is to assist you in improving your overall quality of life while taking what you experience & learn through yoga, off of the mat and into your daily life to help you overcome obstacles and live for freely

Working with a Yoga & Mindset coach will help you with improvement in productivity, healthy habit building, goal & strategy planning, creating confidence & having the structure to assist you in your journey to greater overall wellness.

Stefanie Baranowski

Yoga & Mindset Coach

Stefanie has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and has been teaching it for 6 years now.

Whether you're experienced in Yoga, or if it's something brand new to you, Stefanie is prepared to help you reach higher levels of overall health & wellness to help improve your daily life.

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